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Why Do Many People Wear Watches?

Are a person who values time? I bet we have already heard a lot of times this common instruction, “Always be on time.” What do you use to check the current time? I guess you are thinking of a watch as the usual thing a person uses to check the time. Watches are time tools that can be used either tied to the wrist, or just being kept in the pocket.

But why would a present day man wear or use watch despite that he could also check his phone for an instant time check? You would be able to read below the main reasons why people still wear watches, whether just for the sake of fashion or also for its purpose of telling the right time.

Basically, the first benefit of wearing a watch is that it gives you the time. However, the first clocks, the wall clocks are just so heavy and it needs you to have a back pack just to carry it around, people long ago decided to make a clock that can be used and worn anytime. And then there they have invented the wrist watches. With this technology-oriented generation we have today, still most people prefer to be wearing with them their wrist watches. They still choose wrist watches because it is much easier to use, just one simple flip of your wrist, you can already know what time it is now. On the other hand, smartphones are giving us a lot processes before they give us time, which includes the turning on from its sleep mode, entering its passcode and not to mention the lag time of its functioning. In events such as weddings, funerals or even in beaches, watches are more preferred and advisable to use because of its convenience upon checking time.

Another wonderful benefit of using watches is their functionality. During war in the 19th century, military men made use first wrist watches to synchronize their war operations. After seeing its usability, wrist watches have been the basic tool they use in ocean diving or even by airpersons when they are up in the air. Not only that it is important to these activities but wrist watches are also can to be utilized longer in the field compared with smartphones. Smartphones need to be recharged from time to time, but watches can be self-powered using your pulse or using its small energy from its battery.

One of the best benefits of wearing wrist watches is that it provides us the opportunity to wear style. Watches can be a form of self-expression that indicates or reflects the personality of the person or even his maturity.

How I Became An Expert on Watches

How I Became An Expert on Watches